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What do these words mean?
1. Pepperish
2. Peppery

Look at the following sentences and figure out the correct one.

1. The food is pepperish.
2. The food is peppery.

2. I love peppery soups.
3. I love pepperish soups.

"Pepperish" is not an English word. It's not in the dictionary, so it's wrong. "Peppery" is the correct word . 

Don't say these;
1. The food is pepperish ❌
2. I love pepperish soups❌

1. The food is peppery.☑️
2. I love peppery soups.☑️

SOS Cevenade

SOS Cevenade!

I've been dating my boyfriend for over 6 years and I can't say all is well. My boyfriend is manipulative and disrespectful. 

He says mean things to me, but I just can't walk out of the relationship because I'll become a laughing stock.

I declined marriage proposals from very good suitors because of the love I have for him, but my love has gone unrequited.

He is my first love and I'll do anything to make our relationship work, but he isn't putting any effort into making it work. Through his actions, he has made it clear he doesn't want to be with me anymore.

Where do I start from after six years? 

If he comes out openly and tell me the things I am doing wrong, I'd make a conscious effort to change, but he isn't saying anything. I'm so shattered.

Please, how do I win back his love?

Hello Ma'am,

It's painful when we love some people, but they don't love us right back.

You can't force yourself on people and make them love you, can you?

You suffer from low self-esteem. 

Believe that you are one of a kind and that any man should be lucky to have you.

Don't let an inconsequential person lord it over you. Be the owner of your life and extricate yourself from that situation you called a relationship.
Good luck!

45% of Nigerians say current economic condition is good

According to a poll by Pew Research Centre on how people feel about the current economic situation of their countries, about half of Nigeria's population, 45%, are satisfied with the economic situation of the country so far this year.

The Germans seem to be highly satisfied with their prevailing economic situation. 78% of Germans think their economy is good. Here are the results of the poll:

Germany: 78%

Poland: 69%

US: 65%

Indonesia: 65%

Canada: 63%

Israel: 60%

India: 56%

UK: 46%

Nigeria: 45%

Japan: 44%

France: 43%

Russia: 42%

South Korea: 31%

Spain: 30%

Mexico: 28%

Italy: 15%

Brazil: 9%

Greece: 4%

Nigerian Army denies report that Boko Haram have taken over Maiduguri - Munguno road

The Nigerian Army has taken to Twitter to quell rumours about the situation in Borno state. It had been rumoured that Boko Haram had taken control of Bama and that they were exerting control over Maiduguri - Munguno road.

They tweeted that: "Contrary to the insinuation, Maiduguri - Monguno road remains open to motorists and all law abiding citizens. Troops are dominating the road with aggressive patrols, while clearance operations to flush out are ongoing in Baga general area".

In a separate tweet, the army said its
"Troops of 22 Brigade Garrison deployed in Operation LAFIYA DOLE on Sunday 30th December 2018, encountered and neutralised three female suicide bombers, while on patrol around Kubtara village in Dikwa Local Government Area of Borno State".

Russia arrests an American for spying

An American citizen has been arrested in Russia on charges of spying.

Russia's Federal Security Service  said the American was arrested in Moscow on Friday.

 The agency said he was caught "during an espionage operation" but declined to give further details.

The state Tass news agency identified the detained man as Paul Whelan. Spying charges carry a prison sentence of up to 20 years in Russia.

The U.S. Embassy in Moscow had no immediate comment.

The arrest comes as Russia-U.S. ties have sunk to post-Cold War lows over the Ukrainian crisis, the war in Syria and the allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Lion kills a 22-year-old intern

A lion killed a 22-year-old worker at a wildlife conservatory Sunday after it got loose from a locked space, the centre said.

The lion was shot and killed after it attacked Alexandra Black in an enclosure that was being cleaned at the Conservators Center in Caswell County, the centre said in a statement.

Black had recently graduated from Indiana State University and had been working at the centre for two weeks as an intern, local media reported.

A “husbandry team” that Alexander Black was a part of, led by a professionally trained animal keeper, was carrying out the routine cleaning when the lion somehow got loose, the centre said.

It wasn’t clear how the lion left the area that was supposed to be locked, said the centre, which will be closed until further notice.

The Conservators Centres said it is devastated by the loss of a human life and that the lion was shot and killed to allow county personnel retrieve the body of the worker.

The Centre issued this statement:"there is an ongoing investigation, we have no further details at this time, and the family has not yet been notified. We will offer more information as we know more,”

A Twitter user predicts the outcome of Nigeria's 2019 Present dential election

A Twitter user has predicted an outright victory for the People's Democratic Party's Presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

Nigeria's President was the first opposition candidate to wrestle power from the former ruling party, the PDP, who had governed the country for 16 consecutive years.

President Buhari hopes to win re-election for a second term and the opposition wants to oust him from power.

Both parties have their strongholds, but this Twitter user believes Atiku would win.

He tweets:
My analysis of election outcome based on the following assumptions. 50% turnout, SE 80-20 Atiku,SW 55-45 PMB,SS 80-20 AA, NC 65-35 AA, NE 60-40 AA, NW 70-30 PMB. AA wins by 18 million to 15.5 million votes. We must ensure that all votes count, and are protected. Happy New Year.

Do you agree with him?

The Arab world won't welcome this Isreal-Brazil rapport

A group of evengelical Christians paid the Prime Minister of Isreal, Benjamin Netanyahu, a visit. 

Brazil's President, Jair Bolsonaro, had promised to follow Donald Trump's move and recognize Jerusalem as Isreal's undivided capital. This has drawn criticism from the Arab League. It criticized the move as damaging to the relationship between Isreal and the Arab world.

Jair Bosonaro who is said to be reluctant to carry through his promise reportedly told the Isreali Prime Minister that it's only a matter of time before Brazil moves its embassy to Jerusalem.

Natenyahu tweeted this "with Brazilian Christian friends of Israel today in Rio de Janeiro. We have no better friends in the world than the evangelical community, and the evangelical community has no better friend in the world than Isreal".

Nuggets of wisdom

When your parents compare you to your mates who are more successful than you, wait a few minutes. Pretend to think, then without being rude, ask them if they are older or younger than
@BillGates.I assure you the conversation will not repeat itself

Police operatives will not retreat until Sen. Dino Melaye is arrested - Nigerian Police

The Nigerian Police has tweeted that its special operatives won't retreat from Sen. Dino Melaye's residence until he is arrested.

Remember that Sen. Dino Melaye had raised concerns that the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, had deployed special operatives to arrest and inject him to death. An allegation the Nigerian Police denied and said there was no plan to arrest Dino.

Just days ago, the police invaded Dino's residence in a bid to arrest him for culpable homicide.


Nigerian mother sets daughter on fire

I watched, in anger and bewilderment, the news of a Nigerian mother who poured a kerosine on her 8-year-old daughter and set her ablaze.

The 39-year-old mother, Sylvia Madu, has been arrested and would be prosecuted.

Mrs, Madu said she set her daughter ablaze because her daughter was always playing with friends and wouldn't stay at home to look after her younger siblings. This is what obtains in most homes today. Children are forced to take up adult responsibilities that they shouldn't have to.

She had done other terrible things to the child on previous occasions. The father of the child alleged that his wife had burnt their daughter's fingers on one occasion to discipline her for a wrong she had committed.

Only God knows the kind of torture this innocent child had suffered and endured in the hands of the woman she calls mother. The woman who should love her unconditionally and protect her at all cost.

I was moved to tears seeing the child badly burnt and in excruciating pains.

A doctor that was interviewed said the child would be needing plastic surgery. A surgery that won't happen unless well-meaning Nigerians donate for the cause.

This ugly incident is symptomatic of what a lot of children go through in their homes.

I support discipline 100%, but I am against toture. The line between discipline and torture can be blurred. Discipline is an act of correction; torture is an act of wickedness and cruelty. You can't torture your child in the name of discipline.

If this had happened in a civilized society, the man would have been arrested and tried alongside his wife. By his own admission, he knew his daughter was being tortured but he did nothing about it. How can a father wilfully turn a blind eye to his daughter's torture.

This woman must pay a heavy price for this to serve as a deterrence to other woman.

Weird fact.

This iconic building is the Hungarian parliament.

The building was inaugurated in 1904. It is the creation of Architect Imre Steindl who ironically went blind before its completion, leaving him unable to visually appreciate his finished masterpiece.

17 killed in Bangladesh's post-election violence

Bangladesh - At least 17 people have been killed in election-related violence in Bangladesh Sunday, according to police, as Sheikh Hasina was heading for a landslide win for a third term as the country's prime minister.

Early election results showed incumbent Prime Minister Hasina's Awami League racing toward a clear lead. But opponents have criticized reports of voter intimidation and "irregularities" in the election.
Opposition alliance leader Kamal Hossain called Sunday's election "farcical" and said the outcome will be rejected.
Violence between the ruling and opposition parties which marred the election campaigns carried on into election day, despite heavy security throughout the country, including 600,000 troops and other security forces deployed across the country, according to the French Press Agency.At least 17 people have been killed in election-related violence in Bangladesh Sunday, according to police, as Sheikh Hasina was heading for a landslide win for a third term as the country's prime minister.
Early election results showed incumbent Prime Minister Hasina's Awami League racing toward a clear lead. But opponents have criticized reports of voter intimidation and "irregularities" in the election.
Opposition alliance leader Kamal Hossain called Sunday's election "farcical" and said the outcome will be rejected.
Violence between the ruling and opposition parties which marred the election campaigns carried on into election day, despite heavy security throughout the country, including 600,000 troops and other security forces deployed across the country, according to the French Press Agency
​Thirteen people were killed in clashes between opposing party supporters, and three men were shot by police who said they were protecting polling stations, according to police. An auxiliary police member was also killed by armed opposition activists, according to the French Press Agency.
Voter turnout in the country of 165 million people was low in the first fully competitive general election in a decade.
"I believe the people of Bangladesh will vote for the boat (Awami League symbol) and will give us another opportunity to serve them so that we can maintain our upward trend of development, and take Bangladesh forward as a developing country," Hasina said Sunday.

Hasina's main rival, former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia, the leader of the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party, is in prison on corruption charges and a court has banned her from running.
In Zia's absence, opposition parties have formed a coalition led by Hossain, an 82-year-old Oxford-educated lawyer and former member of Hasina's Awami League party.
"I told everybody over the phone that, besides sending me the complaints, let the returning officers, and their superiors and newspapers know about everything that you all are witnessing. Besides talking to you, we are going to collect the complaints and share them with both the government and election commission," Hossain said.

Mobile internet was blocked and the streets of the capital, Dhaka were largely deserted as many had left to vote in their home towns.
Others were seen trickling into polling booths, where posters bearing the ruling Awami League's "boat" symbol far outnumbered those of the opposition.

Culled from VOA

Brazil moving its embassy to Jerusalem matter of 'when, not if': Netanyahu

RIO DE JANEIRO - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that Brazil’s President-elect Jair Bolsonaro told him that it was a matter of “when, not if” he moves his country’s embassy in Israel to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.

The far-right Bolsonaro, who takes office on Tuesday and is hosting Netanyahu and the leaders of other countries for his inauguration, has said he would like to follow the lead of U.S. President Donald Trump and move the embassy.

But he has come under intense pressure from Brazil’s powerful agriculture sector not to do so, as it could hurt Brazilian exports to Arab nations. Despite Netanyahu’s comments, a senior official from Brazil’s incoming government told Reuters on Sunday no decision had yet been made on the issue.
Such a move by Bolsonaro would be a sharp shift in Brazilian foreign policy, which has traditionally backed a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Arab League had told Bolsonaro that moving the embassy to Jerusalem would be a setback for relations with Arab countries, according to a letter seen by Reuters earlier in December.
“Bolsonaro told me it was ‘when, not if’ he moves the embassy to Jerusalem,” Netanyahu said on Sunday during a meeting with leaders of Brazil’s Jewish community in Rio de Janeiro.
“We attach enormous importance to Brazil, and Brazil in the context of Latin America,” he added. “This heralds a historic change.”

Netanyahu, who met with Bolsonaro on Friday, said that the Brazilian accepted his invitation to visit Israel, a trip that is likely to take place in March.
Netanyahu is the first Israeli prime minister to visit Brazil.
After he met the Israeli leader, Bolsonaro said that “we need good allies, good friends, good brothers, like Benjamin Netanyahu.”

Culled from Reuters

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Grammar Lounge

Are these sentences correct?

1. Please, bone the fish before you give it to the kids.

2. Salt the meat and dry it in the sun for two weeks.

3. Butter two slices of bread for me.

4. Sugar Daddy's tea before it gets cold.

5. Pepper the meat before you barbecue it.

If they are correct, why are they correct and if they are wrong, what makes them wrong.

Let me know what you think on:

Did you know?

Did you know that witchcraft is a punishable offence in Nigeria?

Yes! Witchcraft is punishable by 2 months imprisonment.

As far as I know, nobody has ever been convicted of witchcraft in Nigeria.

Which policeman in his right senses would want to arrest a witch or a wizard? Or which judge would want to sentence a witch to 2 years imprison, without fearing payback?

Adamawa state assembly sacks deputy speaker and majority leader

The  Speaker Adamawa House of Assembly, Alhaji Kabiru Mijinyawa said the  deputy speaker and majority  leader have all been sacked.

Mijinyawa in a telephone interview told the  News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday in Yola  said that the deputy majority leader of the House was equally removed.
“The Deputy Speaker of the state House of Assembly, Mr Emmanuel Tsamdu, the  majority leader, Mr Hassan Barguma and the deputy majority leader, Mr Abubakar Isa, all APC,  were impeached,” Mijinyawa said.
He said that the house elected Mr. Lunsumbani Dili , APC , from Demsa local government area as its new Deputy Speaker.
Muhammad Hayatu is now the majority leader, while  Muhammadu Sani-Shehu is the deputy leader.
The Speaker, however, did not give the reason behind the  impeachment.

Culled from NAN

Nigerians are bad at learning foreign languages - poll

A recent poll conducted by a reputable language acquisition organization shows that Nigerians are very bad at learning foreign languages.

According to the poll, only 0.8 percent of Nigerians who studied foreign languages such as French or Arabic in secondary schools are able to make themselves understood in these languages.

Germany, The Netherlands and Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland are not English-speaking countries, but the average citizen of any of these countries, speaks better English than the average Nigerian. Ironically, Nigerian is an English-speaking country.

The following countries have the highest success rate when it comes to foreign language acquisition in their schools.

France: 100%

Poland: 98%

Spain: 96%

Sweden: 92%

Hungary: 85%

Greece: 82%

Italy: 82%

Germany: 82%

Netherlands: 70%

Belgium: 64%

US: 20%

Nigeria: 0.8%

What top companies make in one hour

I was really surprised when I saw this online. What some big companies and corporations earn in a single day is what most people can't earn in a lifetime.

Apple leads with a whopping $30.7 million generated in jusy 1 hour. Apple is an American company that maunufactures high-end smart phones, laptops, electronics,etc. It is the first company in history to reach the $1 trillion dollars mark and it is currently ranked as the most valuable company in the world.

Second on the list is Amazon, the retail giant that has its footprints all over the world. Amazon makes $26.9 dollars every hour.

Other companies like Microsoft, Google, IBM, Disney, Facebook, Tesla and Netflix featured in the top 10.

Apple: $30.7 million 

Amazon: $26.9 million 

Microsoft: $13.3 million 

Google: $12.7 million 

IBM: $9.3 million 

Disney: $6.9 million 

Facebook: $6.4 million 

Tesla: $2.5 million 

Netflix: $1.8 million

Nuggets of wisdom

Our nuggets of wisdom today is from Pastor TD Jakes:

I want to talk to the people that feel like all hell has broken loose in their lives. God is putting you in that position so that you can handle the weight of His glory.


Happy Sunday guys!

I went to church and what the preacher said was not what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear.

He said something along these lines: sometimes we chase our dreams and pursue our ideas, neglecting to ascertain if our dreams and ideas are in line with God's plan for us.

Your plans and ideas might seem perfect and workable, but if they are not God's plan for you, you will fail miserably. And even if your ideas and plans succeed, then be prepared for misfortune and misery

The same God that says: "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" has not changed. His plans for you are always the best.

That you are not succeeding in that career, or business, or relationship, etc, could be because that is not God's plan for you. 

If your plans and ideas are not God's purpose for your life, all your efforts would be an exercise in futility.

So, go back to the drawing board and reappraise your plans and ideas. 

2018 Nigeria's per capita income compared with other countries

Per capita income is obtained by dividing the total number of goods produced and services provided by a country in one year by its population. That is,  a country's GDP/its population = per capita income

Netherlands: $52,930

Austria: $51,710

Germany: $48,670

France: $42,930

UK: $42,260

Italy: $34,350

Spain: $31,060

Cyprus: $27,860

Portugal: $23,180

Greece: $20,310

Hungary: $16,020

Poland: $14,470

Romania: $12,190

Russia: $10,950

Turkey: $8,720

Ukraine: $2,960

Nigeria: $2,758

Police cuts off Sen. Dino Melaye's electricity supply

The Nigerian Police are alleged to have cut off Sen. Dino Melaye's power supply at his Abuja residence.

Police invaded his home yesterday in a bid to arrest and interrogate him over his involvement in a murder case. An allegation the Senator denies and calls " a fabrication"

More details as the story unfolds

Russia says its invincible missile is ready to be deployed

Russia's new hypersonic missile system, which President Vladimir Putin claims is "invulnerable" to US defenses, will enter service in 2019, the Russian leader said after a test of the missile Wednesday.

"Russia is the first in the world to receive a new type of strategic weapon and this will reliably ensure the security of our state and of our people for decades to come," Putin said, according to the state-run Tass news service.
"This is a wonderful, excellent gift for the country for the New Year," Tass quotes Putin as saying.
The Avangard hypersonic system was tested from the Dombarovsky military airbase in southwest Russia, according to Tass.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

8 out of every 10 Lagosian is a criminal or a potential criminal

It's funny how in most Nollywood movies, an unemployed graduate gets a well-paid job when he/she makes it to Lagos.😃😃😃😃😃😃😃. Lagos is often portrayed as the land of opportunities:  a place where you hit it big and live the Naija dream.

The job always comes with a well-furnished house, an official car, a fat salary and other fringe benefits. 

I had always thought Lagos is a land flowing with milk and honey until I visited in the latter part of 2017. Lagos is a land, but definitely not one flowing with milk and honey. 

8 out of every 10 residents of Lagos are criminals or potential criminals. Lagosians are too loud and aggressive. 

If you've never been to Lagos before, please, don't go there if you love your sanity.

Grammar lounge

Why are these sentences incorrect?

1. My father bought me some cool stuffs.❌

2. My mother went to the market to buy some food stuffs.❌

3. I bought a new book, a pencil and some other stuffs.❌

4. My boyfriend bought me lots of good stuffs.❌

5. I appreciate the gift and the other stuffs you sent.❌

Have you figured out why these sentences are incorrect?

They are incorrect because of the word "stuffs". The word " stuff" is an uncountable noun, but a lot of people think it is countable, so they tend to pluralize it in sentences.

Note: The word "stuffs" is wrong. Whether what you are referring to is singular or plural, the word to use is "stuff" not "stuffs"

For suggestions, questions or comments, send us a mail at

Tales from my childhood

Holla Cevenade,

My childhood  could be turned into in a book or a movie and that is why I feel it is worth sharing.

I was 13-year-old when my father started molesting me. My mum divorced my father when I was 12. She took two of my younger siblings with her, while I and my 10-year-old younger brother stayed with Dad.

Daddy was a womanizer who flirted with anything in a skirt. He wasn't a violent man but he had an unnaturally high libido. Before my parents divorced, a series of family meetings were held to reconcile them but all efforts proved abortive. I always hid somewhere eavesdropping on what was said and I can recall that mum complained about dad's insatiable urge for sex.

I als remember how she burst into tears when everyone accused her of denying her husband his conjugal rights. They told her she had no right to withhold sex from him and that she was his property. Mum protested angrily and stormed out of the meeting.

When my mum had had enough, she filed for divorce. She was a long-suffering wife who was misunderstood by a lot of people. I don't her for leaving, I blame her for leaving us behind.  Everybody labelled her a bad wife. My mum's nightmare ended the day she divorced my dad, and mine began immediately afterwards. A year after the divorce, dad would come to my room at night to suck my breast. The first day he came, I didn't see him come in. I just woke up and found him sucking my breast. I was shocked. I didn't understand what he was doing. He knew I was awake but he wouldn't stop. It was weird and at the same time pleasurable.

Daddy became generous to my sibling and I, he would give us pocket money everyday. And whenever he went to the market, he always got us nice stuff.

My brother didn't know what was happening but he noticed dad had changed, and for all he cared, dad had become a good man. I started to enjoy what he was doing to me. I always look forward to having him every night. From sucking my breast, dad progressed to caressing and fingering me. I began to crave for his touch.

I went to school one morning and as my friends and I were chatting, I let it slip that my Daddy was touching me every night. I told them that was why he was always giving me money. I never knew it was going to be a big deal. After all, all my friends had boyfriends who were touching them. They looked shocked and I started to regret that I said so.

Later in the day,  I was told the my attention was needed at the Principal's office, I went and saw the principal, together with the proprietress and some policemen. They sat me down and told me to repeat what I had told my friends. I was livid! I told them I didn't tell my friends anything, then they brought my friends over who narrated what I had told them.

Unknown to me, my dad had already been arrested. They wanted to hear from me before they press charges. I denied everything my friend said I had told them.

It was really serious! My friends were expelled from school and dad told me how displeased he was at what I had done, but that he was proud of me the way I defended him. He told me he loved me and he bought me lots of nice things. Since that day, he would always come to my room and make love to me. It used to be at night, but whenever he wanted sex during the day, he would send my brother on a very long errand. I had a couple of abortions for him: not something I am proud of. We had sex secretly for ten years until I got married.

He kicked against my plan to get married but I told him I'd expose him if he tried to sabotage my wedding. Nobody knows about this secret except my dad, I and God. This is one secret I'll be taking to the grave. Nobody will ever know about this but I have asked God to forgive.

Shagari served with humility but you overthrew him - Twitter user blasts Buhari

This is the most awkward thing I’ve read this year tbh. If Shagari served with “humility, integrity and diligence” then why did you overthrow him?
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Muhammadu Buhari
I mourn the departure of a patriot, who served Nigeria with humility, integrity and diligence. Nigerians held him in the highest esteem even when he was out of office, until his demise, and will forever miss his wise counsels.
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Talkative Uncle Just Left

My aunt's husband who came unannounced yesterday just left, yayyyyyyy, I feel like popping champagne. Thank God! I'm breathing a s...