Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The Nigerian Politician Who Hates Christians

El-rufai's actions since he became governor of Kaduna state has proven, beyond all reasonable doubt, that he is two-faced. Before he became governor, he was able to fool many people into believing that his campaign of calumny against Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Nigeria's former Christian president from the South, was borne out of a desire to make him accountable to the Nigerian people.  He, along with a few political heavyweights, made regular trips to America to bad-mouth the then president and they found listening ears in the White House, because the then US president, Barack Obama, had been angered by his Nigerian counterpart's reluctance to legalize gay marriage.

The 2015 presidential and gubernatorial elections ushered in a new dispensation, and the hopes that Nigerians had entertained for a new beginning hasn't materialized. The high-handedness and corruption of the former government that the hypocritical El-rufai and his associates claimed they would get rid of if their party, the APC, won the 2015 elections have not materialized. Instead we have noticed, with alarm, the retrogression of our democratic values.

El-rufai has used his powers as a governor to attack the opposition and his critics. A fierce critic of the governor, Dadiyata, has been missing for over a year and the Kaduna state government's reluctance to launch an investigation to ascertain what truly happened him has left many wondering if El-rufai's government has a had in his disappearance.

The killings of Christians from Southern Kaduna by murderous Fulanis and the governor's deafening silence has been interpreted as the consequences of the political choices they made in 2015 that didn't sit well with him. It's no secret that the majority of Southern Kaduna indigenes hate El-rufai, and did not vote for him in the previous election. Their hatred for him was as a result of his discrimination against Christians. El-rufai has never hidden his hatred for Christians either. This hatred is exemplified in his appointments. El-rufai appointed more Muslims in his government in a state where Christians constitute the majority.

El-rufai denied Christians a representation at the highest level of the Kaduna state government by opting for a Muslim settler from Southern Kaduna as his running mate. This decision would have cost him dearly, but knowing fully well that the machinery of the federal government was in place to rig him back to power, made him continue with his anti-christian policies.

In 2013, when Niger Delta militants were given amnesty to make them stop armed struggle against the government, El-rufai criticized the decision, claiming that it would encourage others to take to crime. Well that hasn't happened and the Niger Delta region has had peace, and bombings of oil installations and pipelines have stopped. Fast forward to 2016, in an interview with channels TV, El-rufai told the interviewer that he authorized cash payments to Fulanis to stop them from attacking and killing the people of Southern Kaduna. This is a damning indictment of the Kaduna state government's complicity in these killings. They know who the killers are and they encourage them and reward them handsomely. 

The incumbent government has done worse than the previous administration, and the excesses of the previous government that El-rufai criticized, masking his hatred for the former Christian president as a genuine campaign for the survival and continuity of our democracy, has been exposed. He is just a two-faced politician who hate Christians and would do anything to kill as many as he can. We should all be wary of such a man.

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The Nigerian Politician Who Hates Christians

El-rufai's actions since he became governor of Kaduna state has proven, beyond all reasonable doubt, that he is two-faced. Before he be...