Monday, July 27, 2020

The Power of Reading

In the long run, it's not really the number of books you read that matters, but the number of books that you reread. (Read that again)

What are you trying to say? You may want to ask.
Can you just try to cast your mind back to a movie you have watched or a book you have read just once? How much of its details do you remember? Most likely very little right?

Now do the same for a movie you have watched or a book you have read at least two times and more. You probably can give more details without stress isn't it? Many things just STAYED WITH YOU...

What is the difference between the two scenarios?


Repetition aids learning and assimilation.
"Reading a book really is better the second time round - and can even offer mental health benefits" - Rob Waugh
Rob continues thus: The first time people read or watch through, they are focused on events and stories. The second time through, the repeated experience reignites the emotions caused by the book or film and allows people to savor those emotions at leisure.

Did you catch the drift?

Facts, figures, details, and so on embedded in a book or material of information sinks in easier and faster with repetition.

So rather than obsess over getting new information (of course it is good to seek more knowledge), go back to soak in more of the ones you have once contacted. That way, you position yourself better to be a "doer" rather than just been a "hearer".

Let me end with this:
“God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God” (Psalms 62:11).
How can a man hear twice what was spoken once? I am sure you know the answer by now.
Have a fulfilling week.

By Tony Echem

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