Monday, July 27, 2020

The Real Issue is in the Secret

"People are more what they hide than what they show."
Before you proceed, to fully enjoy this piece, kindly read up on the other series as they are foundational to this write-up.

Let's begin.

The night before was exciting and fun for him.
He was the talented young guitarist for his band & they were about to record their first debut album.
It was like a dream come true for the young man in the year 1983.

Did I mention that he contributed heavily to the wordings of the song to be released. You could say that he was truly LIVING.

The next morning, Dave Mustaine (that young man), considered to be one of the most brilliant and influential musicians in the history of heavy metal music, was told to leave the group as his services are no longer needed. Quite sure, his group members had to wake him up(see as his sleep was disturbed ) to deliver that news, As he had to also get on the bus leaving to his home place in the next one hour.
No reason. No warning. No discussions whatsoever!

Story has changed after he promised himself that he must be very successful, even more than his previous group "Metallica." He was that charged for success.
That his name MUST be heard over the radio, television & every media outlet. Then he went on to establish his band "Magadeth" & had since then sold over 25 million albums, And tour the world many times over. With his new group, won't you admit that he truly succeeded?

Having achieved all this despite the setback and disappointment initially, he won at last! Yet, in an interview in 2003, he admitted that he still considered himself a failure. This was how he puts it in another interview, "The thing that really upset me was that they never gave me a warning & I never got a second chance." He says. "It was just, 'Hey man, you are out'. See ya later." I respect his drive to be well known.
You might be saying " But he accomplished a whole lot & yet he's feeling like he lost. How ridiculous! " However this is the reality and a good thing to be aware of, especially at that time. My experience over the years has made me understand that, "Our real struggles are not the ones in the open, but in the secret" Reason being that they are the foundation.
The building block of what he had become was hinged on " I needed to be better than them "

Despite all he accomplished, he didn't feel that way.
I know that it can be quite frustrating and shocking receiving that news or something in that manner.
For you, The issue might have occurred years back.
Maybe it is one that you devoted a whole lot to, and just can't let it go. You could even have the mindset that "it is too late." But I tell you, there's no time to deal with it than now, simplybecause you are indicating that unconscious interest to LIVE,
And life is urging you too.

This is that period we bring the issue to surface, no longer running or thinking it doesn't matter, or it would all go away like a bird and return no more.
After being aware of it, we begin to ask questions like, "Why am I angry at this person/issue?" "Why am I holding onto this person even when he/she is damaging my life & it is visible?" "Why do I feel this way & tormented by it as a result?" Before answering,
when it comes to situations as these, ACCEPTANCE becomes what we need to embrace to move forward.
Which I have discussed in the previous series and would delve further in the next one.

Let me end with this quote, "Stop fighting  your 'demons' funny enough, they have no intention of winning, they are rather interested in pointing you to that issue you neglected or are trying to cover up."
Remain shameless in order to be free. You are evolving.

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