Monday, August 24, 2020

Poem by Meka Wrights, title 'Hope'

Darkness hovers like a blanket. Insecurities lace my sky like the scars lace my skin.

I am a shadow of my own body. A stranger even to my own soul.

I lay amongst demons I have birthed. Demons that control my mind 
Whispering mockery.

My low self esteem keeps me company, constantly reminding me of how much of a mediocre I must be.

But I still eagerly seek the tiniest star in a sky full of dark clouds

I await a lamp to my path to guide my soul through this darkest nights.

Even on bleak nights I hope that the stars will shine, to lead me home

Where is the light? I'm at the end of the tunnel? The stars fought to hide themselves under the clouds.

I still try to mend this broken pieces, so that when the light comes in, it comes in proudly.

And once again, life would be beautiful.

I gathered together the lemon life threw at me and made a lemon tea, forced to looked back at the same light that shines in me....

—Meka Wrights

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