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What Makes Me Fall Out of Love

 I can fall in love easily and fall out of love quite easily. Does it sound weird? Well, I guess we are wired differently.

Here are some of the reasons why I fall out of love. These reasons may be flimsy to you, but they were enough to make me back out of a relationship.

1. Saliva at the side of the mouth and bad breath - Cynthia ( not her real name) was everything I needed in a woman and more, but there were certain things about her that made me feel irritated whenever we were together. Whenever she spoke, saliva would drool around the sides of her mouth. I found it really nauseating. I would have managed her like that, but her bad breath was something else. I had to run for dear life. My only regret is the way I broke up with her. I should have been more diplomatic.

2. Dull - ever since I read that children inherit their intelligence from their mothers, I have been really obsessed with dating intelligent women. I can't afford to marry a dull woman and have dull children. That would be a catastrophe of epic proportions. I want to be able to boast about my kids academic prowess and studiousness in public. I want to talk about how my kids excel academically and how they win awards, scholarships and competitions. Nothing gives a parent more joy than seeing his/her child excel.

3. Dirty - This is a deal breaker. I can't date a woman who isn't click. Like, why on earth would you keep long fingernails? Won't faecal bacteria and other disease causing bacterias and viruses enter your nails when you try to clean yourself up after using the toilet? 

My ex paid me a visit once and met me cooking,so she offered to help out. I told her to chill that I'd handle it, but she wouldn't take no for an answer, so I let her take charge. Without washing her hands, she started cutting the veggies, and I felt really disgusted. Why would an adult female not know that she is supposed to wash her hands before cooking?

As she cooked, she'd occasionally visit the toilet and not wash her hands. I couldn't tell her because I figured she'd be embarrassed and feel uncomfortable, but what she did put a serious strain on our relationship and weeks later,we parted ways.

4. Always Begging - I detest ladies who can't earn their keep. A lady who feels comfortable living off a man is as worthless as a used tissue. Some ladies consider men as meal tickets and it is absolutely revolting. Anyone who isn't physically challenged, should be able to fend for themselves. Nobody wants to be burdened with a parasitic relationship. I fall out of love easily when my girlfriend becomes overly dependent on me. 

I am not saying it is wrong to render an assistance to my girlfriend once in a while. After all, I can't claim I love someone and not lend them a helping hand in their moments of need. What I hate is a parasitic relationship where one feeds off the other and feels entitled to what the other owns.

Do you feel out of love easily? Why?


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